Digital Disruption – Competitive Advantage – The Jobs of the Future

The Reimagination Thought Leaders Summit will be taking place at The Star in Sydney on 17 November 2015. Reimagination will be the forum that converges experts and digital disruptors from business, government, education and research sectors.

Gain exclusive insights from international and Australian thought leaders. Be part of the conversation on Reshaping Australia to Prosper in the Digital Future.

“Unless individuals and organizations respond, it’s likely that large numbers of well-paying jobs will cease to exist at some point. Now is the time to begin thinking about alternatives to automation.”
Tom Davenport

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“We face very real problems, as generations before us have, but we’ll solve it through creating.The Internet of Things is a fundamental part of that.”
Kevin Ashton

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How will your business prosper in the digital future?


How exposed is your business to digital disruption?


What policies, business models and initiatives are needed for us to survive and thrive?