Nominations are now closed for the ACS Digital Disruptors Awards.

ACS is looking to celebrate the outstanding tech talent in the Australian industry and recognise the innovators, disruptors, leaders, emerging professionals, and tech superstars who are making a difference.

Individual Awards

ICT Professional of the Year

The ICT Professional of the Year is a person who demonstrates excellence in their field of ICT. They are conscious and active in their continuing professional development (CPD) and display the highest standards of professional ethics. They also use their technical knowledge and expertise to be a positive role model in the workplace and leading by example, displaying exemplary professional and ethical standards in the workplace.

CXO Disruptor of the Year

The CXO Disruptor of the Year is a business leader who demonstrates outstanding leadership skills and is successfully taking their business on a journey of disruption. The individual does not need to have a specific role in ICT teams, however they need to demonstrate that they conduct themselves with professional integrity, are passionate about building a culture of developing and supporting staff, and are embarking on disruptive projects that have a positive impact on staff, clients and/or customers. These projects could be internally or externally focused, and need to have measurable positive impacts on productivity, profitability and/or brand. The nominee must be of the C-suite management level. 

Emerging ICT Professional of the Year 

The Emerging Professional of the Year is awarded to an individual who has established their career in ICT. Who in their youth and limited experience, have demonstrated excellence and a drive towards professional development. They are a role model and an example to their peers and conduct themselves with the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. The candidate needs to be under 30 years of age.

ICT Educator of the Year

The ICT Educator of the Year is a person who demonstrates creativity and innovation in coming up with a technical solution to a problem that improves the education experience or management. They have taken the time to study, validate and implement this solution demonstrating high levels of stakeholder, risk and change management skills. Their solution shows innovation and has a high positive impact on the target audience.

ICT Student of the Year

The ICT Student of the Year is a person who is usually a final year undergraduate student or has recently graduated in the last 12 months. They have a record of academic excellence during their studies, and can demonstrate innovation, entrepreneurship and professionalism in undertaking individual and team projects as part of their studies. They have started their journey to become an ICT Professional and can highlight their commitment to the profession. They also have a well-adjusted personality, not just excelling academically, but also showing interest in extracurricular activities, and possessing a strong ethical compass.

Team / Project Awards

Service Transformation for the Digital Consumer

The Service Transformation for the Digital Consumer award recognises a project that uses innovative ways to change how an organisation provides their services to the consumer. The project identifies process improvement, change implementation and management techniques used to deliver the outcome. The project provides a better digitally based experience to the customer with measurable controls and outputs.

  • Corporate
  • Government
  • Not for Profit / NGO

Skills Transformation of Work Teams

A Skills Transformation of Work Teams project requires a team, division or workforce to be developed and upskilled to use new ICT solutions to improve performance, culture, competencies and/or productivity. A successful nomination will demonstrate the use innovative solutions that helped transform the workforce in an ICT-related field.

  • Small Teams (under 100)
  • Large Teams (100 or more)

Best New Tech Platform

This award is for a startup team that is developing an innovative solution. Either through, posing a threat to the established way of doing things, radically changing the way people can access products and services, creating an ease of services or looking at old problems in a new way. The solution provides a better customer experience through digital disruption with measurable controls and outputs.

ICT Research Project of the Year

The ICT Research Project of the Year has undertaken significant research in their specific field of ICT area of study. Their research has gone through the peer review process with demonstration through citations, publications, grants or conferences. Their research has also had a positive impact on their organisation, the industry and/or the wider community.



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