1 November | MCEC, Melbourne

Reimagination Thought Leaders' Summit

The Blueprint to Success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

As we enter a fourth industrial revolution, the way we work is changing and how we prosper as a nation and society into the future will be very different.

Innovation taking place in emerging and digital technologies continues to accelerate the pace of this change and the adoption by Australian businesses and citizens will grow our nation’s ICT workforce to 722,000 workers by 2022 and contribute $139 billion to our nation’s economy by 2020^.

The thought leaders of today must look forward and take notice of the opportunities for technology to positively shape our future while also keeping a firm grasp on current trends impacting our lives today.

Reimagination 2018 will feature Australian and international thought leaders from industry, academia and the political sphere. Join us on 1 November as more than 1,000 technology and business leaders converge to hear about the investments, policies, capabilities and educational reforms that will bring new platforms and business models to life and change the way you think about your future and what Australia’s blueprint for global success can bring.

^Australia's Digital Pulse 2017


ACS Digital Disruptors Awards

ACS is passionate about the ICT profession being recognised as a driver of productivity, innovation and business that can deliver valuable, tangible results. To honour the efforts of Australia’s ICT professionals, ACS created the ACS Digital Disruptors Awards for the teams and individuals at the forefront of digital disruption.