ACS Reimagination Thought Leaders’ Summit 2021

Reimagination Thought Leaders’ Summit brings together industry professionals from across the country to discuss, learn and to inspire Australia’s tech powerhouse. In a world that has changed significantly since the Coronavirus outbreak in 2020, technology has led the charge in enabling companies and teams to grow and build in this unusual time. Hear from thought leaders and professionals as they expand on what comes next for the future of Australian tech.

A must-attend event for all technology professionals & leaders

This year's power packed event will cover topics that are impacting tech industry in Australia and across the globe. These include:

  • Technology that will enable the future of work
  • Business transformation that is taking place
  • Cultural changes that are impacting business and the way we work
  • Data that enables change for the future of work
  • Jobs and skills that are need for the future of work 

Missed last year's event - Here's a highlight video. 

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