The ACS Reimagination Thought Leaders' Summit is now open for registrations

The ACS Reimagination Thought Leaders’ Summit brings together industry professionals from across the country to discuss, learn and to inspire Australia’s tech powerhouse. In a world that has changed significantly since the Coronavirus outbreak in 2020, technology has led the charge in enabling companies and teams to grow and build in this unusual time. Attend the summit in-person at Hilton Sydney or virtually, to connect and hear from industry leaders about how to foster change and build trust in a post-COVID world. From utilising the impact of innovation to grasping the edge of the future job landscape, Reimagination 2022 will prepare you for the acceleration through the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Cultivate new perspective for innovation and the future of work

Learn how to foster change and build trust in a post-COVID world

Connect with leaders and peers in the Australian tech industry

Wondering what to expect? Watch the ACS Reimagination 2019 Highlights.